Do you allow smoking?
A: Smoking of any kind is not allowed in the home or the cabin loft. Guests are welcome to enjoy smoking anywhere outdoors but please bring your own ash tray and we ask that you clean up your cigarette butts.
Q: Do you allow dogs?
A: Yes, however we charge an extra $15 a night for the dog plus require that the dog is not left unattended in the room. We do have a very large outside fenced run with a dog house if you need to leave the dog while you go out for dinner etc...
see policies at: http://www.irishmountain.net/dogken.html
Q: Are there lots of bugs?
A: No (not the ones that bite at least!) we are up on a cliff with no stagnant water in the area. Mosquitoes need stagnant water to breed.
Q: Are you close to a town or city?
A: Yes, Meaford (4,000 people) is 10km away, Owen Sound (20,000 people) is 25km away.
Q: What is your high season?
A: High season rates apply on all weekends, all days in July, August, Sundays of long weekends and Christmas week and New Year.  
Q: Do you allow children?
A: We love children, but we do recommend that people with very small children and babies book the cabin loft out of respect for our other guests who may be enjoying a break away from their own children. Of course if an extended family books all the rooms this recommendation doesn't apply.  
Q: Is the guest area separate from the owner's area? i.e. - do we have to walk through your living room to get to our room?
A: Yes. No. The guest area is completely separate from the owner's areas. The B&B has a large living room for guest use only. The owner's living space is completely separate with its own entrance.    
Q: I see a picture of a dog on your web site. Is this dog your dog? Is she safe?
A: Yes we have a dog named Zoe. She is a German Shepperd. She is nearly one year old. She does not bark, bite, or go where she is not wanted. She lives with us away from the guest living area, She is generally very shy and B&B guest have to gain her trust before she will say "hello." So if you do not want her near you she will not come near.    
Q: Are the bathrooms shared?
A: No, all bathrooms are ensuite. This means that you have your own private bathroom that is attached to your room. Thus you do not have to walk down a public hall to get to your bathroom.    
Q: Do you offer dinner?
A: No, but there are many great choices for dinner in the local area. See  http://www.irishmountain.net/rest-reviews.html 
Q: Why is it called Irish Mountain B&B? Are you Irish?
A: The B&B is on top of a mountain that is called Irish Mountain. No, we are not Irish.
Q: Do you have a BBQ?
A: Yes, we have a BBQ for guest use.
Q: Is there a fridge available for B&B guest?
A: All suites have a mini-fridge.
Q: Is the water safe?
A: Yes, the water is drawn from our own well that is over 200 feet deep we have it tested monthly and have never had a problem.
Q: Is there wild life in the area? Is the wild life dangerous?
A: Yes there is wild life around, we have a fox family that we are sometimes lucky enough to see and we also see deer.There are no bears in the area.


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