Weekend Bookings

Two-night bookings either Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday are usually required on weekends and three nights on long weekends, but from time to time one night bookings do become available so please call to check.

Cancellation Policy

A payment of 50% as a deposit is required to confirm your booking. Please note that once you've booked, we hold the room for you and post on our website that it's not available to our other guests. Please be assured that even if someone wants to book several nights, we won't cancel your booking once you have paid a deposit.

Deposit less $25 booking fee refundable with 30 days notice of cancellation or change in booking. If within 30 days the entire deposit is kept regardless if we rent the dates to other guest.

Full payment is required for your entire stay if you cancel with less than 7 days notice.

People with gift certificates for a stay at Irish Mountain may use one nights stay from the value of the gift certificate as a deposit when making your reservation for your stay – cancellation and booking change policy applies.


We are animal lovers so we welcome you to bring along your dog.

Do not worry about finding yourself a dog sitter - bring your whole family!

We also allow dogs to stay with their owners in either the Cabin Loft or Pines Suite, but not in the Lakeview Suite and Cascade Suites, which are our pet free rooms for guests with allergies. You are required to bring a dog bed or blanket for your pet and to please note that we do not allow dogs on the bed or couch. Your dog must not be left in the room alone unless in an enclosed and secure kennel/crate even for short periods.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your dog doesn't bark excessively. It would not be fair to our other guests, who are looking forward to a relaxing weekend, to be faced with listening to a dog bark while they are trying to relax by the fire, in the hot tub, or even trying to sleep.

While we are animal lovers and look forward to meeting your pet, please note that our other guests may not be fond of dogs and it is your responsibility to ensure your pet doesn't bother our other guests.

Please keep your dog away from the pond and waterfall for his/her own safety and please note both are lined with a plastic liner which claws could tear costing several hundred dollars damage.

Please note that you are fully responsible for the cost of any damage or need for excess cleaning that your dog causes - including excess dog hair on our bedding.
On our property, please note it is your responsibility to promptly pick up after your pet.

There is a nominal charge of $25 per night per dog for the first night and $15 per night after that.

Please inform us if you wish your dog to accompany you.


Sailing is subject to John's schedule, weather and the guest requesting. The sailing does not have cash value. You cannot trade it in for other services, refunds, apply it to the accommodation charge, take "rain checks", or apply it to other things of value. Approximately 1/3 of our guest take part in a sailing trip.


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